Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The return of televised film criticism?

From Richard Roeper's blog:

I get messages like this every day:

Full Name: Steve Evans
Question: Movies
My apologies if you’ve covered this before but might you be returning to TV for movie reviews? The new guys in At the Movies are, to put it mildly, annoying. I think I’m more qualified than the young dude.

I know I’ve been hinting at a new show for some time now, but all I can say is I appreciate the continued interest, and I PROMISE I will have something concrete to announce soon—most likely before the month is out. Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Please, Richie, please hurry up. It's been a long dry season without you. You're not the best critic in the universe but Ben Lyons makes you look like an effing film professor.

Anonymous said...

Come back, Richard!! COME BACK!!!


Anonymous said...

I go on Youtube looking at the old S&E and E&R so I must say that Roeper is not a bad critic, he just happened to be on show with one of the greatest of his craft. Roeper sometimes likes bad movies (Havoc which is one of the best contemporary celluloid pieces of trash out there), so does Ebert (The Hooneymooners), and even Siskel had bad judgment (He hated Silence of The Lambs). But at least all of those guys gave reasons for what they thought about their films instead of ramblings that really lead you to nothing like Denby or just anti-intellectualism like the namesake of this website.

Anonymous said...

Go to Roeper's blog entry on the upcoming show, and look for his reply to Sean O's comment on why he left the show. Granted he only drops a hint and promises to reveal more of what happened some time in the future, but it reveals a lot.

Anonymous said...

I'll take Ben Lyons over Richard any day.