Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Criticwatch - Blurbing 2009 into a vintage year

Erik Childress from Criticwatch gives us the Ben Lyons quote of the week:
Lyons: This is vintage classic Woody Allen. Like you said, not his best work obviously but a return to form in a lot of ways.
And follows with his own commentary:

Then how about we don’t use the words “vintage” and “classic” to call it then? This is becoming an increasing problem in the Twitter culture that we live in. What is Twitter precisely if not an opportunity to provide your own ready-made 140-character blurb for a movie? Forget writing a whole review or 140 words. You can just walk out of a movie and post your reaction for all your followers to see. Oh, but you must get their attention, right? You can’t just say that Whatever Works is one of Woody’s better efforts over the last decade. You need to get everyone’s attention. So you say it’s classic Woody Allen, more or less suggesting that it ranks with the likes of Annie Hall, Manhattan and The Purple Rose of Cairo. Yes, there’s a bit of assumption on our part. But there’s a difference when you call something classic and tap into our own memories of what constitutes the meaning of “classic” (whether it be for a genre or filmmaker) and my friends and I saying that Megaforce is the greatest movie ever made.

Read Erik's entire commentary here.


Anonymous said...

You're a fucking idiot. Making an entire blog because you are jealous about someone else's success? Get a life loser.

Anonymous said...

It's not success it's nepotism. You are trying to tell me that his Dad "Jeffrey Lyons" didn't have his agent pull some strings. Come on. I work in this town and if you have relatives in the business then you to can be in the business, despite having any talent. i.e. Billy Bush, Brooke Hogan, etc etc. There are exceptions to the rule , but this ain't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Dude really you waste your time talking shit about a guy you don't like? Get a life!

Anonymous said...

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