Thursday, February 26, 2009

He's just not that into their movie

Ben Lyons interviews the women from He's Just Not That Into You and asks what guys can take away from the film. Jennifer Aniston responds "What did you take away?" and Ben replies, "To be honest, direct, and to not be afraid to say something that's bad toward somebody."

Ironically, much of the interview is about how women want men to be more honest with them. But Ben--who agrees--refuses to be honest with them about his own assessment of the movie. In his original review, he said:

"For any real insights into relationships or good quality romantic comedy, turn elsewhere. You can skip it . . . To the films credit they [the male characters] are fully developed characters. However, I felt that they compromised most of their ideals that they stood for in the end just to help everything wrap up nicely."

There are also some complaints about text messaging, but little do they know that they are talking to the king of inappropriate text messaging. The rest of the interview has just as little insight into relationships as Ben claims the movie has, and even fewer insights about the film itself.

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Joe Barry said...

I have both positive and negative opinion about "He's Just Not That Into You" .The selection of actors was good.But I felt as if the storyline was a bit complicated (and boring too).It seemed similar to watching FRIENDS.My average rating would be 6/10.I may suggest you to watch it, but you must not keep high expectations