Friday, December 5, 2008

Ben's fake girlfriend

As far as I can tell, Ben Lyons and Whitney Port of The Hills are actually dating--not that I would know, I have never seen the show. What is fake about Whitney is, well, pretty much everything else. According to Defamer, the stars of The Hills all have fake jobs on the show, although they get paid tens of thousands of dollars per episode (Port get $20,000 per episode).

Defamer describes the differences between real Whitney and reality TV Whitney:

Show Storyline: Like Lauren, Whitney started her career at Teen Vogue before moving to People's Revolution. Now, she has moved to New York for spinoff show The City, where she is working for Diane Von Furstenberg.
Unshown, Real-Life Storyline: Except she, too, doesn't actually work there. Again, like Lauren, Whitney has started her own off-camera clothing line, Eve & A. Also, despite the MTV-engineered romance she will have in her upcoming show, Whitney has been dating starfucking film critic Ben Lyons, not Tara Reid-fucking rocker Jay Lyon.

Just to clear that up--she has a fake boyfriend on the show as well as a "real" boyfriend, Ben Lyons. Sorry, Ben, you may be good enough for At the Movies, but apparently The Hills and The City have higher standards.

As far as the fake job goes, Fashionista describes how ridiculous it can get:

When they film her spots, they make the girls that actually work there move from their desks and into some cubicles in another part of the floor, because they’re actually working, but the camera people want Whitney and her on-screen work friend to look like they have real desks.

Seriously, this is an insult to anybody who actually works a real job, although it provides a special slap in the face to the workers who have to "get out of the way" when the Whitney show comes along.

But it's OK, Whitney, you are not the only one with a fake job. Your "real" boyfriend--it's so hard to tell these days--gets paid to pretend like he is a film critic on TV.

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Anonymous said...

Ben: "I'm not a film critic- I just play one on TV!"