Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lyons lowlights

In September 2008, Ben Lyons became on of the two permanent hosts of At the Movies, the movie review show that used to be commonly known as simply Siskel & Ebert. That was a great show--the new version, well, not so much. And as you can guess, there is one person in particular to blame for this sorry state of affairs. The following is a roundup of Ben Lyons's greatest misses:

Roger Ebert's little rule book for critics: Here is a secret--it's not a rule book at all. Rather, it is a list of things said and done by Ben Lyons written by Ebert, without Roger ever mentioning Ben's name.

What is the greatest movie ever made? According to Ben Lyons, it's I Am Legend. Seriously.

Roger Ebert once said that people who use their cell phone during movies are inconsiderate morons. Well, we can now add Ben Lyons to the list of morons.

Want to make one of the 10 best movies of the year? Here is a hint--put Ben Lyons in it.

Want to make the best James Bond movie ever? Whatever you do, make sure to make it into a really cool video game.

External links, Criticwatch Ben Lyons Quotes of the Week, by Erik Childress

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And just in case the whole "film expert" thing doesn't work out, Ben has other career options. Or he can just sell his recommendations for money.


Anonymous said...

When will this male bimbo grow up? You can't spend your entire life partying and and taking pictures with famous people.

What an airhead. He should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

Lyons idiotic rave about "The Wrestler" caused us to watch it. One of the worst films of all time. We will never watch the show again because of his overt lie. He had to have been paid a lot to say that. Where are the real film critics? Bring back Richard Roeper in any show and we'll be loyal but Lyons must go.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your Web site. Lyons is a total POS and miserable fame whore. Please, somebody get this SOB FIRED.

John Saveland said...

Ben Lyons is utterly useless. Does anyone feel more informed after watching his show than they would if they got a movie recommendation from a random jackass in a dentist's waiting room?

I... I... I can't even comment on I Am Legend being the best film of all time. And I loved that movie, too!

Casablanca... Citizen Kane... Schindler's List... Rear Window... Lawrence of Arabia... To Kill a Mockingbird...

Even in the past few years - films from Pixar, Scorsese, the Coens, etc.

This site is kind of depressing...

Matt said...

I am becoming increasingly certain that Ben Lyons is in fact a 13-year-old boy.