Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Gort of the blogosphere

The LA Times story on Ben Lyons has found its way throughout the blogosphere and there is just not enough space to begin to mention every blog and news outlet that has posted it. I will mention a few notables, though. The Chicago Tribune and New York Magazine are probably the biggest mainstream media outlets that have picked up the story. Among the blogs, my favorite posting (for obvious reasons, see below) is Adam G of Synecdoche Cinema, who refers a la Johnny Dangerously to:

Ben Lyons, the man ABC/Disney tapped on the shoulder to take over for Richard Roeper and living legend Roger Ebert on At The Movies, once the premier film review show in America.

Note I said once.

Lately, Lyons has been getting a bit of heat. I say a bit, I mean enough heat to make the surface of Mercury feel like an icebox.

Adam goes on to link to a number of the Lyons-related souces, including this one:

Computer programmer-turned-blogger (according to the LA Times article - I'm sure he's much more, like a bad critic-destroying superhero with laser eyes or something...heh, laser eyes) Scott Johnson has started up the wonderfully-named and interesting blog Stop Ben Lyons!

Let's just hope that's the original Gort and not the new one.


Chase said...

Hey, Scott --

I'm a new reader to this site (thank you, LA Times and Staticblog), and I share your disdain for Lyons.

But I am curious why you give a free pass to Ben Mankiewicz, who, like Lyons, seems to be on the show largely because of more famous relatives.

Frankly, Mankiewicz was just as cringingly embarrassing as Lyons in his I-don-t-get-it review of "Synecdoche, New York." I've yet to feel like either one are capable of more than token insight. Granted, Lyons is in a special class of piffle, but I think his colleague is getting a free ride as a result.

taybo20 said...

Hey Scott,

I'm with Chase. I just found this blog thanks in part to the LA Times. I have had much disdain for Ben Lyons ever since he was reviewing for E!. I refuse to watch At The Movies since he is now a reviewer on the program. I have never understood the thinking behind his reviews and have always felt he just gets paid to say nice things (money under the table). I have told many people I don't like his reviews and am glad to see that I am not alone in my feelings.

Scott said...

I don't give Mank a free pass at all--if you read my reviews of At the Movies, you'll see that I criticize him all the time. (By the way, I may be the first person to call him Mank, but I am not sure about that)

Sometimes he says nonsense and I call it like I see it. I just don't think he is so awful that he needs a blog dedicated to attacking him. At the very least, he seems somewhat informed and intelligent, which is more than I can say for Lyons.

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