Friday, December 19, 2008

MTV's fangirl of the year

MTV news has released their long awaited "Man and Woman of the Year" lists. Having a separate list for women and men, you might think, would be a sign they were trying to put forward encouraging role models for young women.

Sadly, no.

"MTV News' Woman of the Year 2008 is Twilighters!" According to the article,

"Twilight" is a franchise driven by sincere, shrieking and borderline-stalker female fans. Every list is controversial, and MTV News' Men and Women of the Year rankings are sure to get people talking. But ask yourself this: Can Britney Spears (#2) open a feature film at $70 million? Is Aubrey O'Day (#7) causing riots at your local Hot Topic? I don't think so.

Not too controversial, though. Twilight "Broke the existing MTV Movies Blog record for most commented-on item." Way to buck the trend, MTV, I almost forgot how cool and non-conformist you are.

One of the Twilight fans has this to say about their success:

Now the haters can see the strength of what the Twilight fanbase is about. It's strong and passionate. People just don't understand until they read the books. There were movie critics like [Ben] Lyons out there talking about the story, and you can tell that he had no understanding of the characters.

Look out, Ben, you are watching your fan base slowly wither away. Not a bad thing, but it is sad when the first critic a young person can think of is Ben Lyons, although that is more likely because of E! than At the Movies.

There were other notables on the list as well. Britney Spears came in at number two--great come back, Brit! We all thought you were an overpaid loser but you proved us wrong.

Better yet, Beyoncé is included twice. First, she comes in at #10, then again as her alter ego Sasha Fierce at #6. According to the article, Sasha was "Created by Beyoncé as a marketing tool/ psychological id for her I Am ... Sasha Fierce album ... Despite being completely fictional, may actually be more interesting than the actual Beyoncé."

Listen up, teenage girls. According to MTV, you are better off with a fake, affected personality rather than just being yourself--not unlike Whitney Port of MTV's The Hills--because then more people will like you.

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Anonymous said...

What's the point of having two different lists for men and women, anyway? What's the difference between a female actress and a male actor? They bought read lines from scripts and pretend to be someone else for two hours, don't they?