Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Criticwatch - Ben Lyons finally asks for help

A snippet from this week's Ben Lyons Quote of the Week from Erik Childress at Criticwatch:

Lyons: "It’s the old school vs. the new school here which is really interesting. As much as it is a political movie, it’s a movie about journalism and how technology has affected journalism and the world of blogs and the internet and being credible in that world. And its really interesting to look at it from that angle.”

Yes, technology has expedited the world of journalism. Stories are released faster than ever. Or, at least, rumors travel faster. It’s certainly given credence to the old adage that everyone is a critic. All you need is a message board, blog or a website of your own creation. And if its fancy enough you could even wind up on Rotten Tomatoes. Before you throw the first stone though, at least most of those people (young and old) express their thoughts through a keyboard. Some, like our buddy Ben Lyons, have the benefit of just saying something on television and having a quote pulled for the website, likely by one of the show’s handlers. Who needs the Quote of the Week when you can take your pick from Rotten Tomatoes? If you really want the Ben Lyons Written Experience though, you can always follow him on Twitter. My personal favorite Tweet of his in the last few hours:

Lyons: “After a long weekend in Vegas, I'm back on my TWITTER grind people. Off to NYC to interview Beyonce & Idris Elba. Send questions?”

I guess he’s looking for some objective queries to ask his household name on a film that’s not even being screened for critics. When are journalists going to get it through their thick heads not to provide free press for films they won’t even bother to show us? Sorry, did I just call Ben Lyons a journalist?

Read the entire Ben Lyons Quote of the Week here


Anonymous said...

I have zero objection to Lyons interviewing Beyonce and Idris Elba on a B-movie they made and asking fans to submit their own questions via Twitter.

That's the sorta thing he SHOULD be doing. He's Ben Lyons. Lightweight-fun fare and goofy celebrity interviews are what he does.

Anonymous said...

When you write "the film didn't screen for critics", you mean it didn't screen for bloggers, right? at the NYC screening on Tuesday, several MAJOR film critics were in attendance, including BL, so once again, you have NO IDEA what you're talking about...

Erik Childress said...

The film may have been screened strictly for people who were doing interviews. Which is still not the norm when the rest of the country doesn't get to see it. Just because a studio might test screen a horror film and invite the occasional horror site does not mean it has been screened for critics. The screening in question was a JUNKET screening for TV Press. Which mainly means anonymous whores, NOT film critics. If you see Ben Lyons or Earl Dittman or Shawn Edwards on the ads for Obsessed this weekend, you'll get the picture. So no, I don't mean it didn't screen for "bloggers". Just because I write a weekly Ben Lyons column does not mean I am a "blogger." I am a film critic. And Film Critics were not screened Obsessed.