Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dropping knowledge 140 characters at a time

What would an overhyped fad be withouth Ben Lyons jumping on the bandwagon? I don't know, but it wouldn't be Twitter, because Ben Lyons recently signed up.

The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree.His screen name is iamBenLyons--possibly a reference to his favorite movie?--and he has taken to posting pictures of his father posing with famous people (see picture at the right, snagged before it was removed).

I apologize in advance for any misrepresentations of Twitter I might convey, since I have not really gotten into it. Twitter basically looks like Facebook minus the good parts. But suddenly the media are all a-Twitter over this latest fad, especially after a number of members of Congress got caught "Tweeting" during Obama's speech to their entire branch of government. Or rather, their staff members were caught "Tweeting", which is just as bad since the whole point is for a person to give their own personal commentary to a broad audience. You'd think that would be the end of it, but you would be wrong.

There is something quite amusing about Lyons, who has never written an article or film review that anybody can account for, signing up for a service that requires him to constantly put his thoughts to text. I was going to say that he should just put all his tweets together and call it an article and be done with it--but then I read them, which include the following nuggets of wisdom:

  • Watching THE PERFECT STORM. John C can do balance comedy and drama as good as anybody. Who else?

  • My LA TWEETERS!! At 630pm on ABC please check out 'At The Movies'. We've got reviews of SUGAR, FAST & FURIOUS, and DVD picks. What up Mank!?

  • Efron told my Footloose didnt happen cuz he wants new roles, new challenges, and to stop with the dancing! For now at least...

  • 'Sorority Row' crew just arrived. Trailer reminds me of I Know What You Did Last Summer..

Yes, these are copy-and-pasted quotes. We can only wait for the moment when Lyons is caught tweeting in the middle of a movie . . . anybody want to start a pool?


Anonymous said...

Oh Lord. Ben Lyons with another flea-brained and obnoxious new fad that appeals only to those with no attention span and zero wit. This is a perfect circle of evil.

People say that Jews are all really smart. They haven't met Ben and his dad.

Agatha said...

Here's something inexplicable. Lyons senior is a gnarled wrinkly old dude that looks like Alan Greenspan's long lost brother. How he ever made someone as relatively good looking as Ben is beyond me. In this photo, though, he looks like Ben's older brother.

Jeff- what happened?! How did you get from pretty good looks to Jeffrey Lyons?

Anonymous said...

Here's something on Lyons senior's wiki page that will make you snort:

"In addition to his work as a critic, he has appeared as himself in The French Connection, Deathtrap and the TV series Wiseguy."

The apple indeed doesn't fall far from the tree.

Lyons the Bigger was annoying people thirty years ago and later used his subsequent fame, money and connections so that Ben could annoy a whole new generation of moviegoers. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

And Roger Ebert is forever handicapped.

Who says life isn't fair.

Anonymous said...

The Lyonses- annoying celebrities and all intelligent people while besmirching Grandpa Leonard's name since 1974.

Interesting fact. Benny Boy's grandpa graduated from the same high school as Lou Gehrig.

You think he ever tried to take a picture with him? Maybe then showed them to everyone in school? And wrote in the school paper what good friends they were?

Anonymous said...

just letting everyone know now he just seems to hype up his rapper friends and clinton sparks; i love it cause whenever he does it he talks ghetto and whenever he talks film he sounds white as hell. fake ass dude

carli said...

I just saw my first episode of the Ben and Ben Nepotism Movie Fun Show, and WTF WAS that? If I want movie reviews of that caliber, I'll hang around the DVD section at Target while the 15-year-old stockboys are refilling the shelves with special edition copies of You Me And Dupree.

Anonymous said...

"We can only wait for the moment when Lyons is caught tweeting in the middle of a movie"

He just said he was in the middle of watching A Perfect Storm.

Scott said...

He's probably watching that on TV. I mean catching him Twittering in a movie theater during a screening, which is pretty poor etiquette for any moviegoer but especially for a critique. It would be hard to catch him, but the listings for film festivals are publicly posted so if he Twitters during one of those times then he is caught.

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