Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Worse than Ben Lyons - Virginia Foxx

What is an unknown Republican Congressperson supposed to do when their party is in a shrinking minority and they want get their name out to the broader public? Well, there are two options. One, do something beneficial for all of humanity so that maybe your name will be associated with some great deed and maybe even you will be remembered in history as somebody important. Or, two, take a page out of Michelle Bachman's book and say something crazy.

Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) took the latter option, claiming that gay-bashing victim Matthew Sheppard was not killed because he was gay at all:

I was in college in 1998 at San Francisco State University at the time Sheppard was killed. In response, some of us organized a speak-out about homophobia on campus and a march at Castro and Market on Halloween of about 1,000 people. Granted, it's not hard to get a bunch of pro-gay people together at that place and time, but it was important to speak out, even in SF. But there was also an outpouring of opposition to homophobia with small rallies all across the country.

Foxx's lunacy--not just calling it a "myth" or a "misunderstanding" but a "hoax"--sounds all too much light nutty paranoia. The only reason to say this sort of thing on the floor of Congress--even if she believed it were true--is to rally a voting base of ultra-right homophobes.


Anonymous said...

Well, Matthew Shepard actually was robbed during the attack. To say that it wasn't a hate crime, though- insane.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Foxx wasn't wrong. Shepard was murdered because it was a crime of opportunity. He was alone and there were three men who murdered him. The men were tried and convicted (and should be put to death), but the media loved the fact that a gay man was killed so that they could continue the myth of an epidemic of gay "hate crimes". Here's a question: why didn't the Chicago murder of Mary Stachowicz by her homosexual coworker get covered? Or how about the 1999 murder of 13-year old Jesse Kirkhising who was raped and murdered by homosexuals in Arkansas? It's media bias, pure and simple and "hate crime" is just another of their attempts to lie to us.

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