Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One crappy TV show isn't enough

In a series of Tweets on April 8, Ben Lyons wrote:

I'm more inspired now than I've ever been! If you think seeing me on E!, At The Movies, Good Morning America, Nickelodeon, & ESPN is a lot..


I am more focused than ever to crush all the haters! As Clinton would say...GET FAMILIAR!

New chester French Mixtape! ! Have you ever heard of a film critic on a mixtape with Diddy & Common?

I didn't think so! I am changing th game! So should you...Be your own person, only place it's cool to follow someone is here on TWITTER!

If you listen to Ben's part on the mix tape, he basically plays a parody of himself--an over-hyping red carpet interviewer. Which would be funny, except that is who he is in real life. Also, he forgot to mention this appearance, which will probably do little to "crush all the haters":

Ben belatedly denounced Twilight as a movie-length CW episode, which I thought at the time was very accurate, although now I am wondering whether or not that was meant as a compliment.


Anonymous said...

Big fan of the blog, regular reader. Keep it up.
Don't know if you saw this:

Pretty hilarious.

Scott said...

As a matter of fact I did happen to notice that earlier this weekend, I'll probably post something about later in the week.

Anonymous said...

It was cool just to see Diablo Cody. Unfortunately Ben was a buzz-kill. I could have survived a Billy am-Bush but not that twerp.

Yes, I love the original BH and this one is alright.