Thursday, January 1, 2009

Suffering fools, but not gladly

I think their meeting went something like this:

Ben: "Wow, it's so cool to meet you! Ben Lyons, At the Movies."

Sean: "Sean Connery, with a moron."

UPDATE - based on a recent episode of At the Movies, I suspect the meeting went something like this:

Sean: Hi, I'm Sean Connery.

Ben: Wow! Can you introduce me to Pierce Brosnan?


HumanProject said...

Heard about your site from the LA Times article.

Its impressive that blogs are allowing people who used to be merely disgruntled readers of critics to strike back -- and now you're cited by (taken seriously by) the main stream press. Congrats.

In the world of book review criticism, there's a blogger who has taken on The New Yorker book critic, James Wood, see:

Scott said...

Thanks! Not sure about being taken seriously, but it is nice to get a little attention.

I have heard of Wood and critiques of him, although outside of the occasional Ishiguro or Chabon title, I don't really keep up with the literary world--it's hard enough to keep up with the movie world.

Anonymous said...

Tragic to see Connery wasting his limited amount of time on this planet with a renowned preppie asshat.