Thursday, January 29, 2009

"No problem, you suck!"

I don't condone acts of violence against Ben Lyons--you would be surprised how often that comes up in comments in the blogosphere. Ok, maybe you wouldn't. But the last thing I need is for some fool to take a tire iron to Lyons and then send me a picture--don't bother, I won't publish them.

However, there is nothing wrong with a bit of good-natured heckling. In that light, here is a story sent to me by Phillip, a reader of this blog:

My gal scored tickets to the SAG Award bleacher seats for the red carpet. We brought along two of our friends since our tickets seated four. As we sat down, my buddy pointed out to me "Hey, that's Ben Lyons." Mr. Lyons proceeded to walk across the red carpet to which I heartily shouted "BOO, You suck!" He seemed to slightly turn his head away from me as he walked over to the other E! booth. Later on, he did the same thing, only this time he turned and looked at me very sternly. Yet again, I boo'ed and this time he shouted (rather rudely) "Thank you!" 'No problem, you suck!' I retorted. Suffice it to say, outside of Tracy Morgan I didn't see much of anyone other than his producer talk to the guy.


Anonymous said...

Well, Ben actually showed some class. He gracefully ignored the hecklers and tactfully answered insults.

If he had responded by shrieking and screaming, I'd call him a dick but he didn't.

Anonymous said...

Was that really necessary?

Anonymous said...

Gee, I almost feel sorry for Ben, being kicked liked this when he's down.

Then again, he kinda deserves it, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Someone stop Ben Lyons. How anyone can indulge this sorry excuse of a film "critic" is beyond me.

Ben Lyons is unfreakinwatchable. Everytime I see his face on television, on the internet, or anywhere, I feel like I just want to smack that clown. Absolutely no taste in movies whatsoever! It is easy to see why he is so reviled in the media and elsewhere. Ben Lyons should make like a hockey player and get the puck off the television (it's a Ben Lyons joke, that's probably why it's as stale and pathetic as Lyons' reviews)

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of shocked that there is actually more than one of you out there who spends time writing about someone you dislike.

Do you realize it aatually makes people more aware of him the more you hate him and write about and articles like the LA Times make millions of people know who he is who did not even know his name before?

Its really kind of strange to me, more people read the LA Times than watch E! news and certainly with your blog getting mentioned in it, it made others more aware - then the ratings WENT UP on E!

you guys are all driving the ratings up and ensuring his job is kept!

I dont get it!

Anonymous said...

11:58 AM is Ben Lyons, y/y?

Josh said...

I like how he rudely said "Thank you", but you politely said "Boo You Suck".

The nerve of some assholes to get rudely defensive about being verbally bitch slapped in-front of a crowd of people...

What a dick, that guy.


I really do dislike this toolbox, though.