Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Worse than Ben Lyons - Big Hollywood

I just got back from vacation and had my first chance to take a look at the new right-wing movie site Big Hollywood. Oh boy--maybe I should head back to Las Vegas. I sometimes worry about having enough material every week to maintain a Web site to stopping Ben Lyons--most weeks the only things that happens is an episode of At the Movies. So I try to supplement the Ben Lyons news with other movie- and culture-related articles. After taking a look at Big Hollywood, I imagine I will have a regular and easy target for ridicule. Unfortunately, there is also a fellow who contributes to the blog named "Scott W. Johnson". Rest assured, I am the real Scott Johnson, please do not accept any imitations.

Here are a few choice pieces (and some commentary by me):

John Nolte reviews Doubt:

[T]he portrayal of the sympathetic child molester, the onscreen hyper-sexualization of young girls, and child characters liberated through sexual behavior, for a number of years now the film industry has waged a drip-drip campaign in favor of the normalization of sex between adults and underage children. The offensive is a quiet, insidious one slowly slithering into the mainstream, and like all Leftist movements, will not stop until it gets what it wants . . .

. . . Laden with subtext referencing the daily headlines exposing the Catholic church’s disgraceful sexual abuse scandal from a few years ago, Doubt does those victims a disservice. All of us Catholics are tired of Hollywood taking shots, but where openhanded criticism is appropriate they balk, even at a clear condemnation of child molestation.

Scott's comment: Holy crap, I loved Doubt! Does that mean I am going to turn into a child molester?

Hooray For Big Hollywood by Andrew Klavan:

Top of the box office so far: the blatantly pro-war on terror Dark Knight. The Christian Prince Caspian is at number eleven. The pro-abstinence Twilight is currently at sixteen and still hot. And perhaps most delightfully, and of course most ignored by the MSM: the Christian pro-marriage film Fireproof, despite suffering from its shoestring budget, still out-performed such favorites of our media elites as W, Religulous and Stop-Loss.

Scott's comment: Even Ben Lyons, who early on tried to ride the coattails of the Twilight phenomenon, panned it once it came out. Its success is not a sign of anything other than the rabid lust of teenage girls for Robert Pattinson and possibly the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. It's message is, well, contradictory at best. And don't even get me started on The Dark Knight.

Does Hollywood Love Christians Now? by Dallas Jenkins:

After my first feature film Hometown Legend had been sold to Warner Brothers, I had some meetings with the WB marketing team in 2001. Near the end of their presentation, I said, “Now you know that this film has some faith elements in it, and my Dad (the executive producer) wrote the Left Behind books, so we could take advantage of his fan base and also promote the film to churches and youth groups.”

Scott's comment: Oh my God! Is Dallas Jenkins the Ben Lyons of right-wing filmmaking?


Anonymous said...

Somebody definitely never saw the play or John Patrick Shanley's comment on all of his intentions behind writing the play's book.

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