Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Worse than Ben Lyons - Prince Harry

That would be Prince Harry in the photo to the right, caught recently--in a video of his own making--using the racial epithets "raghead" and "paki". The latter is considered a bit more offensive in the UK than the US.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has found it in himself to stand up for this fool (the lackey British politicians always do), saying:

'Prince Harry knows these comments aren't acceptable. He's made an apology.

'I think the British people are good enough to give someone who has been a role model for young people and has done well fighting for our country - gone into very difficult situations with bravery - the benefit of the doubt.'

Yeah, some role model, dressing up like Nazi. And does he really need the benefit of the doubt, or should he be held to a higher standard? The benefit of the doubt was not given to Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian man running to catch his subway train in London in July 2005, shot to death by the police who assumed he was a suicide bomber.

The family of the young man Harry called a "paki" is still pissed, calling Harry a "coward" for not issuing a televised apology, and calling the term a "disgraceful insult".

This is all the result of aristocrats stuck in their bubble, knowing what all the little forks at their fancy dinners are used for but having no clue as to what ordinary people really think is appropriate.

Or, as Eddie Izzard said in Dressed to Kill, "This is what happens when cousins marry."


tommy salami said...

How old is that photo? It's not the first time if that happened again. I thought this was reported on years ago.
At least Ben Lyons only dresses up as a crappy movie reviewer when he goes out.

Scott said...

That is an old photo, but the racist comments just came out this week. The photo does beg the question of whether Harry really deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

Prince Harry usually seems like a nice enough young man, if not the brightest tool in the shed, but he really messed up here. What a dolt.

He's the Paris Hilton of the monarchy. Dare I say it- he's the Ben Lyons of the monarchy.

Anonymous said...

I'd usually say well, he's a kid, of course he'll mess up. And there are millions of young people- and soldiers on assignment- who do dumb things every day but have the luck to be able to do them without the world watching.

If a camera had been constantly around me with my friends when I was a kid, they'd have caught me cursing and making offensive jokes about religion and ethnicity, too, the difference being that no one cares what I say or do. What I say or do isn't news so why should an otherwise very ordinary young guy who happens to be the Queen's grandson be different.

However, a prince who represents the country and the monarchy is different. He is paid and maintained by the state to represent Britain. When he says something racist, he's not just speaking for himself. He should be held to a higher standard than the average whatever-rank-he-is Army soldier and average 25-year-old.

This is the problem with the monarchy. When they are in power, they are totalitarians. When they are taken away from political power, what's the point of them? The only thing it does is produce a bunch of screwed up kids who have to live their lives in a fishbowl and are unfit to have real jobs because of their celebrity.

Anonymous said...

When Prince William and Harry did the interview with Matt Lauer, they were constantly teasing and joshing each other, as most brothers always do.

There was a moment that was teasing but spoke the truth, when Lauer asked Harry to describe William and Harry said something tot he effect of "Well, he parties alot, too, he's not 'the sage one' like they depict. He's definitely smarter than me, though."

William said something like "Don't be so hard on yourself." and later added, "It's true. I am."

Yeah. I think he is. He's the brains of the two of tem.