Monday, October 20, 2008

Ben's resume

This is the guy who replaced Roger Ebert on "At The Movies". Seriously.

Born and raised in New York City, after checking out a few semesters at The University Of Michigan (Go Blue!), and working in the music business in NYC, I bounced to LA and changed my life forever. I'll always love my New York Knicks, Post, subways, bagels, Central Park, street vendors from Senegal, you name it. All that. Shout out to my family, Lil' Hannah, The Power Pack, Dylan McKay, Redman, Chris Childs, Ricky Slade, Momager, Elton Brand, Big Ian Ziering, Coach Voelkel, Diddy, Iqball up in Blimpie's, Rocky from Cavs, The Clipse, Mobb Deep, Al Gore and anybody else out there making a difference and making it rain at the same time. Holla at me day or night, Come hang out next time you are in Las Vegas. I do it big at SMASHTIME Saturdays at The Hard Rock Hotel with me, Clinton Sparks, and Big Brother Sal Masekela. Get Familiar with The Daily Ten!!! You don't see Access Hollywood in the club, right? Go Knicks... BL

Also, according to his Wikipedia page: Lyons plays basketball and golf and deejays every week at L.A. social venues the Dime and the Roosevelt Hotel.

Couldn't they have just walked into another club and found another DJ? Aren't these guys a dime-a-dozen in L.A.? Oh yeah, I forgot his most important qualification.

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