Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is Ben Lyons the Sarah Palin of Movie Critics?

This is the latest from Criticwatch. He starts by quoting Lyons:

“It’s really important to tell people to go out and see W. so they can talk about it and have an opinion about it and this freedom of speech of course that allows us to go and talk about a film about a current sitting president.”

He then continues:

It’s official. Ben Lyons is the Sarah Palin of film criticism. Honestly, if I told you that came from the Katie Couric interview series you would believe it. THIS freedom of speech. You know that whole thing? That crazy little amendment that allows both Ben Lyons to say dumbass things about movies and guys like me to find new ways to write him up until producers come to their senses and replace him with somebody qualified to use it.

Other ways that Lyons is the Palin of film critics?
- He is the far lesser sidekick of a pair facing long odds at success.
- He told Microsoft "Thanks, but no thanks," to that Xbox advertising deal.
- John McCain thinks he is totally qualified to host At the Movies.
- He can field dress himself.
- He can see the Hollywood sign from his house.
- It's all about job creation.

Any other ideas?

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