Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I didn't do this!

Seriously, I didn't. But I did notice, in a friendly review of this blog, that Ben's Wikipedia page has been, shall we say, "altered". The review mentions that this was done at least as early as Monday night, and almost 24 hours later it has only gotten worse. Here is a snippet:

To most of his friends and acquaintances, Ben is considered a douche bag for his boisterous attitude and overabundance of self-love. However, to the general public (and to himself, but only on lonely Thursdays), Ben is known as The Infamous Quote Whore, a.k.a. Ben Lyons, Super-Mega Douche. Lyons first earned his incredibly accurate moniker on the playground in second grade, when a recess bully attack on a then eight-year-old Ben was quickly thwarted by his father's ever-expanding cheque book. Upon being saved, Ben exclaimed, "Intense! Incredible! The best recess of all-time!" and was then quoted in the school news paper the following Monday. He has since made a complete "career" out of his simple, uninspired talent to provide interchangeable adjectives in any given situation.

Oh, it gets worse, see for yourself. I may be critical and sarcastic, but I avoid being mean-spirited or offensive. Unless it is deserved.

Again, don't blame me. I never touch the Wikipedia--I know somebody who did try to alter something once with good intentions only to have it immediately reset. Very frustrating. So I am pretty surprised this has sustained itself for so long. But there it is.

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