Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Burn, Hollywood, burn

rocket. describes her Public Enemy Number One (and it ain't Flava Flav):

I’m not just hating on Ben because of a shitty resume, a career forged almost entirely on the basis of being aggressively mediocre, and a truly heinous exhibition of Hollywood nepotism. I’m hating on Ben because he seems to have no desire to reach beyond this things. And I’m also hating on him because, at the “Transformers” premiere last summer, he spent the entire after-party discussing his stylist’s choice of footwear for the evening, turning down free churros, and waving at famous people he loudly called his friends – who then ignored him and ran (Andy Samberg and Seth Green were two of these people). . . [T]he second Ben Lyons opens his mouth, there is only thing that is apparent – he desperately wants to be cool. He desperately wants to be popular. And he is desperately afraid that any statement, opinion, or view that is not every shade of vanilla will destroy his ability to be any of those things. He’s also an asshole. . . Like a Herpes outbreak, he tends to pop up when you least expect him to, when it’s least appropriate, when it’s most painful. Like at a screening of “Battle in Seattle” at the Landmark. Like at a Q&A where a moderator is entirely unnecessary (and unwelcome).

Oh, Ben Lyons . . . couldn't you stop being a poser for just a couple minutes?


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Let's just hope people are not too distracted by the filth spewing moron in the "Worse than Ben Lyons?" post before they get down to this one.