Monday, October 27, 2008

Lyons lowlights

A few choice nuggets of unwisdom from this weekend's At The Movies:

High School Musical 3:
Ben recommends "Rent it" because if you have kids who are fans of the series you may not have much of a choice but to see it, "Even though it may be cringe inducing for the rest of us." I am pretty sure that Ben includes himself among "us", which begs the question, why would you recommend a movie that is "cringe inducing"? Maybe he is worried about alienating his base over at E!

Pride and Glory
"I want some violence. I want some chase scenes." Yes, we all know that there is not enough of that in movies these days. I mean, if I see another overtly complicated drama with challenging ideas soaking up all the space at the multi-plex, I don't know what I am going to do.

"Some of the British humor went right over my head . . ." Nuff said.

W. (as part of 3-to-see):
You should go see it because it is "free speech" (whatever that means) and it is, "One of the most important films of our generation." Don't get me wrong, I liked W., probably more than a lot of Bush critics. But it is not exactly a probing analysis of American politics--most of the criticisms are pretty timid and mainstream--especially compared to all of the documentaries released in the last few years that actually hit US policy pretty hard. I think Ben just doesn't know how to appreciate a film without gushing, in the hopes that he can blurb his way onto a movie poster.


Anonymous said...

This was the first time in his "3 to see" that he actually chose three movies that are currently in theaters. No trailers or movies coming out in November (Twilight). Hey, it only took six weeks for him to understand the concept of "3 to see."

Scott said...

I thought Mank did the "3 to see", but I can't remember at this point. And stupid Buena Vista Entertainment refuses to make this list easily available on their Web site. I remember a couple of months ago being totally annoyed that I could not dig this up when Phillips or Roeper chose some quirky off-beat movie (I think now it was "Mr. Foe") that I had not heard of, then I couldn't figure out how to look it up again later! Guess I should have seen the writing on the wall, at that point.

"We're not hear to educate and inform, we're here to look cool for 22 minutes before you change the channel!"

On that, I remember the Twilight recommendation. The rec was for "Anything related to Twilight!" Really? Maybe it will be a good movie (I am no expert on the books), but do we all need to go join some teeny-bopper chatroom to prepare for this thing? Even before anybody can tell us if it is any good?