Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Richard Dreyfuss - Worse than Ben Lyons?

Possibly, for this week anyway.

You rarely hear an actor--even a good actor--criticize the movie they are in while it is still out. Not that I entirely disagree with Dreyfuss--W. is 6/8 of a great movie (or, if you prefer, 3/4), and the ending is off, and it won't have a long-lasting historical impact. But I think it is a decent movie and calling Oliver Stone a "fascist" is a bit out of line.

HuffingtonPost won't let me embed video, as far as I can tell, but you can find the link here to his appearance on The View.

Most actors won't even attack an old movie they were in, unless it was a real dog, like George Clooney in Batman & Robin. I remember when the Beverly Hillbillies movie came out, Cloris Leachman did an interview saying how clever she thought the original TV show was.

At least Dreyfuss was honest enough to say that he only did the movie for money. Maybe we will hear a mea culpa from Dreyfuss in the next few days about how he smoked crack before going on The View and didn't mean anything he said. We'll see . . .


Anonymous said...

Don't forget these updates too:

Scott said...

Yep, I got 'em. I was going to post that today but Ebert got in my way, so that should go up tomorrow. There is not always a lot of news on the subject of "Ben Lyons" so I try to space it out a little. Thanks!