Monday, November 24, 2008

Even their web site sucks

I went to the At the Movies Web site the other day and realized how crappy it is. You can see clips of recent episodes (a feature with dubious value, at this point) but other features are sorely lacking. The "blog" has not been updated since September 28--that is almost two months ago. But by far the least useful feature is the "Local Showtimes." I typed in my Oakland zip code and the page barfed back an alphabetical listing of the showtimes in every media market in California.

How do I know this? If you look at the image below (click for a larger version) you will see Oakland near the middle (although there were many other entries that I cut off from the screen shot). You will also see both Eureka and San Diego--about as far away from Oakland you can get and still be in California.

There are also two listings for San Francisco but only one for Oakland. Do I get both SF channels in Oakland? Of course I do, because virtually ALL local channels in Oakland are based in SF.

Thanks, guys. You have taken a perfectly simple feature that is well executed on the site of every national retail store and found a way to make it confusing and awkward.


Anonymous said...

Write them a letter of complaint! I have already written them several about the replacement of Richard and Roger. I also sent a private message to Ben Lyons on his MySpace and, yes, I kept it very civil. I told him he wasn't meant to be a serious film critic and that he should stick to red carpet interviews and junkets. Needless to say, I'm still waiting for a reply.

Didn't do anything, obviously, but it's worth something to show them that you aren't taking it in stride.

Scott said...

Before I started this site I did write them a letter--through the feedback link on their site! Hopefully they got it . . .

Suffice it to say, I thought the blog might be more effective.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that when Ben Lyons dislikes a movie the first thing he says about it is that it is "slow." How would this schmuck describe "Vertigo" or any film of Hitchcock's, or those of Altman's, or even Michael Mann? Lyons truly embodies the disintegration of a once very impressive American pop culture.

Roy said...

Can we please make it official (?!)
Ben Lyons is to "At the Movies" as Brian Fellows is to "Safari Planet."

The beginning to "At the Movies" should have this voice over -
"Ben Lyons is not an official film critic nor does he hold an advanced degree from any university. He is simply an enthusiastic and misguided young man with a 6th grade education who has a juvenile love for movies. So lets share his love in this week's edition of At the Movies."

Scott said...

Hah! It took me a minute to remember that SNL skit, but yeah that's perfect.

Although Ben doesn't have an advanced degree from a university, he doesn't have any degree at all.

Anonymous said...

He is really a terrible critic. He doesn't know anything about movies and he just follows the hype of them. Watching his reviews, watching him get a hard on trashing a decent film makes me angry. I wish someone would give him a good punch in the face!!

Anonymous said...

Man, their site really sucks! It has so many bugs and very poor usability. I am just using it to watch older reviews back then when it was with Ebert and Roeper or Roeper and Phillips and every time I go angry when I stumble upon another stupid bug. And then i tried to say them that their site really sucked. And in their feedback section you can't do that you just can't place your cursor in the fields like it's just an image of fields and imitation of a web page! So i just go on some random blogs and post my anger because i don't know where i can post it else. By the way their "new" site is the same old site they had before. It just has a new appearance the engine is totally the same.