Monday, November 3, 2008

Joe the Bachelor

And you thought that Ben Lyons was the biggest fool on TV . . .

According to some guy who supports McCain and was at the SNL after party:

As popular as John and Cindy were at the party, the real star was Joe. Over 6 feet, tan, with rippling muscles and a beaming smile of disbelief, he was like Mr. Clean at a soap convention. As you can imagine with the embodiment of Joe Six Pack, Joe the Plummer [sic] can hold his liquor, that’s for sure. While we were downing shots of Makers Mark, Joe got buttonholed by Ben Affleck’s agent (Patrick-something from Endeavor, I think?) There was some serious talk about Joe appearing as the star on the next season of The Bachelor. Whether McCain wins or loses, believe me, Joe Wurzelbacher has already come out a winner.

Not sure what they could do with this. They could have done a "Joe Millionaire" fake-out, except that everybody already knows that he only makes $40,000 a year (even though he seems to think he makes $250K+).

Alternately, they could make him a "film expert" on At the Movies and use him as a replacement for Mankiewicz.

Then they could rename the show Dumb and Plumber.

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