Friday, November 7, 2008

Is Sarah Palin the Ben Lyons of politics?

You thought this was finally her end--maybe not.

The question has already been posed in the reverse--and answered. But maybe now Sarah is following Ben's lead--taking mediocrity and a famous name and leveraging it into a television career. From The Hollywood Reporter:

Of course, even if the McCain-Palin ticket loses, the Tina Fey look-alike still has a job in politics for at least another two years as governor of Alaska. A spokesman for Palin did not return calls for comment.

But the candidate has undeniable onscreen charisma as her "SNL" performance proved last weekend. And though the Palin Express sometimes veers off the tracks -- as it did in her notorious interview with Katie Couric -- Americans enjoy celebrities as much for their contretemps as their talent.

Most industry insiders believe a talk show is the probable route for Palin. Although daytime syndication can be tough sledding, it would take a personality of her stature to break through the clutter, and her folksy red-state persona could be just the thing to connect with this female-skewing audience.

One producer/packager said he has held internal staff meetings about how to best parlay Palin's appeal and skills, with a daytime talk show the likely vehicle. "I see her less as a variety-show host like Ellen (DeGeneres) and more of a single-topic host like Tyra (Banks), or maybe what Jenny Jones used to be," said Chris Coelen, CEO of RDF USA.

Sorry, looks like the definitive answer is that Palin is the Jenny Jones of politics. I guess that is a step up--Jones may be appealing to the lowest common denominator, but its not like she was asked to host Meet the Press.

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