Friday, November 7, 2008

With friends like these, who needs friends?

I just noticed this on Ebert's Movie Answer Man Q&A:

Q. I was delighted to see TCM playing several classic horror films like "Cat People," "Freaks" and "The Thing from Another World," which I DVR'd with the intention of having a night-long classic horror fest on Halloween. But on the big night, all my guests booed the idea of a black & white playlist and left shortly after. Is there something I can do to get people excited about seeing these movies or do I just need to seek out new friends for movie night?
Chris Kelley, Ill.

A. These people are not your friends. Even how you word your question indicates you will never be happy with them. No one who dislikes b&w should be allowed to view a motion picture.


Anonymous said...

I feel this guy's pain. It sucks to not have friends you can share the movies with or friends who can't appreciate and behave themselves at movies.

Finding your "movie soulmates" is hard.

Scott said...

Yeah, but what I realized about Ebert's comment after looking at it a second time is that at least your friends will humor you. Like if you have a boring slideshow of your trip to Hawaii, they'll sit through it because they are your friends.

If this guy's "friends" abandon him after all his work trying to prepare a fun party, they aren't really friends at all, much less movie soul mates.

But yes, it is nice to find people who appreciate the same movies as you do--rather than just going alone.