Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That's right, I finally got around to picking up before somebody else took it from under me. There have been a few technical difficulties in getting this set up correctly, and those may continue through the day, so please be patient and just refresh your browser if the page does not show up correctly the first time. At the moment, it all seems to have worked itself out. Of course, will redirect you to You can also email me now at

While I am making changes, feel free to add a comment below if there are any other improvements to this blog you would like to see. I received an email yesterday recommending a non-Ben Lyons critic I should check out and I think I might do that. As I find the time, I might post info on more critics who are actually worth reading besides just Roger Ebert, who I am sure you are all familiar with anyway.

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KurtTappe said...

Lyons recently claimed "The Majestic" was a Jim Carrey "misstep". In my opinion this disqualifies him as a reputable film critic. "The Majestic" was easily one of Carrey's best films, demonstrating good acting, a heartfelt plot, accurate historic references, and believable characters. Only "The Mask" and "The Truman Show" barely rank above it on his resume.