Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A jury of their peers?

AFI-FEST is a week long film festival in Los Angeles sponsored by the American Film Institute. The festival launched the world premier of Doubt and Defiance. Included on the "International Feature Competition Jury" is a fellow you may have heard of. The gushing, I must say is Lyons-esque--they must have asked each jury member to provide their own bio:

Lyons is one of the most sought after young film critics in Hollywood. At the ripe age of 26, Ben is the resident film critic and entertainment correspondent on The E! Network, co-host of Nickelodeons “My Family’s Got Guts” and is one of the new hosts of televisions most popular and respected movie review programs, “At The Movies.”

Lyons has taken over the reigns from Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper and is currently starring in the next generation of the acclaimed series “At The Movies” alongside Ben Mankiewicz. Ben’s movie reviews and celebrity interviews are seen on “E! News”, “The Daily 10”, and E! Online as well as in his signature segment and webpage called, “The Lyons Den”. In addition Ben covers film festivals, award shows, red carpet premieres, and visits movie sets with Hollywood’s biggest stars for the E! Entertainment Network.

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Billy said...

I wonder if Lyons taking over the "reigns" of Ebert and Roeper is any more than a Freudian slip.