Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Medved: GOP should be less like me

Supposed "film critic" and right-wing lunatic Michael Medved wrote an essay on the losses of the Republican Party last week that seems to have ruffled some feathers among conservatives. He writes:

In other words, the undeniable facts about the recently concluded election offer a complete, consistent, and powerful rebuttal to the misguided notion that running to the right as a “true conservative” pays off more than going after moderate and independent voters. In every state of the union, no matter how bright red its hue, comparisons between McCain’s results and those of statewide Senate and gubernatorial candidates suggest that Republicans do better when they target the rich cache of votes at the center of the political spectrum . . . Appealing to the political center shouldn’t involve abandoning ideals but it may require adopting a more cooperative, pragmatic, non-ideological tone.

Good suggestion, Medved--"Don't be a right wing asshole, moderate voters hate that!" This is coming from a man who is an apologist for slavery, the genocide of Native Americans, corporate greed, and other "lies" about America.

Medved, you can lead the way. Just stop uttering nonsense and stupidity and maybe other conservatives will follow your lead.

PS If anybody has a more appropriate picture that I can use of Medved in the future, please let me know. I find it painful just looking at this smug idiot.

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