Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Worse than Ben Lyons - Cell phone lady

I went to see Rachel Getting Married this weekend and I find myself agreeing with Lyons over Mankiewicz on this one. It was funny, gut wrenching, awkward, and painful, just like ordinary family life.

Unfortunately, one of Ben's followers seems to have made her way to my theater based on his recommendation. In the middle of the movie, she gets up to answer her cell phone. That would be annoying enough, but she is not sitting on the aisle and has to climb over her friend to get out of her seat, then walks up the aisle STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! to the exit.

A couple of minutes later, she walks back in, this time sitting in the aisle seat. That's fortunate because of course her cell phone goes off again! Apparently, THIS is the call she was waiting for, the last one was just a robocall to make sure that she knew that unless you vote for Prop 8 the state is going to require kindergarten teachers to show gay pornography every day to their students. Anyway, off she goes again, STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! All this while the Princess Diaries is sitting in an AA meeting and breaking our hearts with a tragic story that I won't spoil.

Thanks a lot, Ben Lyons. It looks like your film-going behavior is rubbing on regular people. I guess that means you are an effective film critic.


Agatha said...

Funny entry, Scott! I chuckled but at least the woman was considerate enough to leave her seat when she got a call and take her conversation outside. I've known people to answer the phone in the theater!

I'm going to go see "Rachel Getting Married" this week myself. Can't wait!

Scott said...

I actually had a friend of mine answer her cell phone at a movie once. When we asked her why she even left the phone on, she said "I didn't think anybody would call me."

Sigh . . .