Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Medved to Maher: I hate Muslims more than you

According to 236.com, the "film critic" Michael Medved challenged Bill Maher to an anti-Muslim hate-off. It was close, but it looks like Medved won:

Some of the movie is undeniably laugh-out-loud funny, and Bill Maher does raise some provocative questions, but the film's edited in such a way that he wins every single argument. Worst of all, the movie gives radical Islam something of a free pass, suggesting that murderous extremists are no worse than sincere Christians who run a Bible theme park in Florida.

Only in Medved's delusional fantasy world are Muslims--whom Maher accuses of having a "violent" religion and all but blames them for the Holocaust--made to appear no worse than the goofy Jesus guy who believes in the the second coming of Christ. Quite to the contrary, as I wrote elsewhere, Maher thinks Christians are merely stupid but Muslims are pure evil. That's not good enough for Medved.

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